Title Description Data Types Owner Contact
GrooveDB Synchronized mocap and music data for dancing MOCAP / Video / Music Metacreation Lab Omid Alemi <omid@omid.al>
Affect Expressive Movements Affect-Expressive movements with variations along the valence and arousal dimensions MOCAP / Video Metacreation Lab Omid Alemi <omid@omid.al>
Knocking and Direction Gestures with Variation form LMA This is a multi-modal recording of Knocking and Direction Gestures to which we applied single variation in terms of Space, Effort, Shape and Phrasing form Laban Movement Analysis MOCAP / Video Moving Stories Shannon Cuykendall
Eye Tracking Study Sequences of pair of movements that have three distinct actions manipulated in Space, Shape, and Time. MOCAP / Video Moving Stories Shannon Cuykendall
Affect Estimation in VR A dataset for study of affect estimation from VR headsets and controllers during game play VR / MOCAP / Video Inscape Studios / Metacreation Lab Omid Alemi <omid@omid.al>